Preparing for the Tax Sale: Step 1 of 3

by Chris on May 1, 2012

The title of this three part series could really be called “what to look for in the newspaper.” In advance of any tax sale, the sheriff or taxing authority will advertise in the local paper with information regarding the sale. This includes the name of the assessed owner, a brief property description, and the date and time of the sale. Depending on your jurisdiction, the ad may contain only the minimum information, or it may have additional information which is usually helpful. One tip for looking at the advertisement is to review the name of the assessed owner. If a property appears that it is already assessed to a tax sale buyer you may want to avoid purchasing the parcel.

Ascertaining whether a property has been purchased by a tax buyer is not difficult. Typically you will see a company name repeated multiple times. If you see a name appear more than ten times as an assessed owner, then there’s a good chance that it is a tax buyer. If your goal is to get interest, then you may want to buy the property anyway. If your goal is to acquire the property, then move on to another that is not subject to be redeemed. Come back soon for more tips on how to prepare for the tax sale by looking at the newspaper ad for helpful information.

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