Tax Sales Not for Faint of Heart

by Chris on July 27, 2012

Tax buyers are sometimes (if not often) met with criticism. Although purchased at a public auction conducted by the sheriff under the authority of the constitution and Louisiana law, others disparage it as piracy.

Recently, a bank filed a motion arguing that a default judgment was rendered in a manner offensive to traditional notions of justice and fair play (International Shoe?). The bank further disparaged the tax buyer as seeking a windfall by depriving the bank of its security interest by cheap tricks and unscrupulous practices:

“It seeks to obtain two hundred thousand dollars of equity in the property for pennies. If plaintiff wanted to make out like a thief in the night it should have dotted its i’s and crossed its t’s. It didn’t.”

Apparently it’s an act of theft to buy property at an auction, does this mean the sheriff is a co-conspirator? You can’t make this stuff up folks, this is in an actual pleading. Happy Friday!

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Jim the Pirate July 27, 2012 at 2:11 PM

I agree with the Banker! That evil tax buyer snuck into the Parish courthouse one Wednesday morning, crept through the door to join several hundred other citizens and willfully and maliciously held his hand up when the Sheriff sold the property. He then slunk away into the daylight clutching his ill-gotten loot.

It’s horrible that a thief like that can expect to make a profit by investing his money in a government scheme to deprive tax scofflaws of their property. If a property owner doesn’t want to pay his fair share of the cost of the hospitals, roads, schools, etc that are funded by property taxes, he should be able to refuse to pay!

A man’s inalienable right to refuse to pay for what he gets must not be abridged!! The Sheriff should arrest these tax sale purchasing scoundrels. Oh….. I guess he would have to arrest himself for being a co-conspirator…. Anyway – support anarchy and jail the tax sale buyers!!!!

Jim the Pirate July 31, 2012 at 3:10 PM

I started thinking about the kind, benevolent banker that felt that tax sale buyers were nothing but thieves.

So, what, exactly, does a banker do? He lends money to people, usually to buy real estate. This, of course, is a noble endeavor, and helps people achieve the American Dream. But there is a dark side to this operation. If you fail to pay him back, what happens? He gets the Sheriff to put your property up for auction. The proceeds of that sale of your beloved home go to pay this Shylock his money. Pretty much what happens when a property owner fails to pay his share of the improvements paid for by property taxes that facilitated his home ownership. So why was this Snidely Whiplash complaining about tax purchasers? Probably because the tax purchaser was, by law, first in line to be paid, thus the banker had nothing to steal.

This banker was in a snit because someone left him no loot to plunder. Poor little banker…..

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