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Right now technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. Lawyers can no longer view themselves as the “gate keepers” of information only found in law books. Websites like LegalZoom are providing legal services at a fraction of what it cost to pay a traditional attorney. Search engines such as Google Scholar are making legal research widely available for free. Even this website provides information on Louisiana real estate and tax sales that previously required consultation with an attorney. With such easy access to legal answers on the internet it will change how people use attorneys. The role of lawyers is increasingly (if not ultimately) becoming the processors of information, not the source of information.

This site aims to connect people looking for more information on Louisiana tax sales and real estate matters with our practice area of law. Our blog will address common trends in these areas and hopefully give answers to some questions. We want to provide our services to people that we can help, with a high level of competence, and at prices that are reasonable for a broad scope of individuals.

Parish Tax Sales is the brainchild of a small law firm in Metairie, Louisiana. Our main focus is helping clients go through the process of acquiring ownership after they have bought property at a tax sale. We are title attorneys that are trained in fixing those pesky problems in real estate titles that are often overlooked. Ultimately our goal is to deliver the property to the client with a “merchantable title” that can be sold and more importantly which has an insurable title. We can also aid in obtaining orders of possession in the event that a client must take possession of a property immediately, and have their interest protected. There are a variety of options available, from our unbundled services where we range from providing just a legal title opinion, document preparation along with detailed instructions for those who want to “do it yourself” at a fraction of the normal cost of hiring attorney. Or we can provide  full hands-off services where we take the case from beginning to end for you. Obtaining your judgment is not the final step! We can also aid in structured settlements, financed settlements, and bond for deed, cash or credit sale settlements so you can get the most out of your investment.

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Also check out our forms page for an example of a judgment confirming tax title.

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Randy MFT June 8, 2014 at 7:55 AM

no disrespect intended; i am sure you know your stuff