Tis the season

June 12, 2012

For tax buyers, there is more than just football, crawfish, and holiday seasons in Louisiana, and right now we are smack in the middle of tax sale season. While many parishes conducted their sales in late May, it is not too late to go out and get some property. Visit our Links page or follow […]

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Louisiana Property: Possession vs. Ownership.

June 9, 2012

In Louisiana there is a distinction between ownership and possession of real property. First, real estate is generally referred to as immovable property. There is no doubt that the discussion of what, when, and where property is immovable is subject to lengthy discussion that is not our focus today. All I am going to discuss […]

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Preparing for the Tax Sale: Step 3 of 3

May 14, 2012

Now for more information about what is hiding in the tax sale property advertisements published by the sheriff. Use this example to test yourself in analyzing an ad. The first thing that pops out at me is the names of the owners. Companies with names like “ABC Tax Sale Properties” is a sure indicator that the […]

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Smitko v. Gulf South Shrimp Oral Arguments

May 8, 2012

For the first time since 1909 the Louisiana Supreme Court returned to the Cabildo to hear oral arguments. This meeting, the first in over 102 years, was in anticipation of the bicentennial celebration of the first sitting of the Supreme Court of Louisiana on March 1, 2013. This same building is where the court heard […]

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Preparing for the Tax Sale: Step 2 of 3

May 8, 2012

Now that you know about the names in the newspaper, let’s talk about the descriptions. This is an example of a newspaper publication advertisement. First, you notice the name of the assessed owner is Manchac Harbor Partners LLC. Then you see the taxes owed are $45.40 (not including interest and costs). The property is described as 4.03 […]

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Preparing for the Tax Sale: Step 1 of 3

May 1, 2012

The title of this three part series could really be called “what to look for in the newspaper.” In advance of any tax sale, the sheriff or taxing authority will advertise in the local paper with information regarding the sale. This includes the name of the assessed owner, a brief property description, and the date […]

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The Louisiana legislature’s notice requirements meet due process standards.

March 29, 2012

In Louisiana a tax sale has the legal presumption of validity. This is expressed in our state’s constitution that “a tax deed by a tax collector shall be prima facie evidence that a valid sale was made. ” Our jurisprudence has held that after presentation of a tax deed, the burden then shifts to the other party […]

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Wednesday’s at the Square

March 23, 2012

It’s no secret spring is in full effect in NOLA. For two weeks now Lafayette Square has hosted the annual Wednesday’s in the Square, a Young Leadership Council project. This year the event kicked off with a performance by the Honey Island Swamp Band and the Soulabilly Swamp Boogie Band. Thus began the annual twelve-week concert series held […]

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Will Louisiana’s highest court finally set the record straight?: Smitko v. Gulf South Shrimp

March 19, 2012

An interesting development has occurred in the field of tax sales and adjudicated property in Louisiana. Recently the Supreme Court has accepted supervisory writs in the Smitko case. Political subdivisions relying on collection of ad valorem taxes and anyone else in Louisiana interested in stability of land titles should be watching this case very closely. […]

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Quitclaim deeds

March 15, 2012

The general requirement for transferring real property in Louisiana is by an authentic act. However, there is an exception to this fundamental principle. According to Louisiana Civil Code Article 1839 a sale of immovable property is valid if the vendor admits the sale or disposition when interrogated under oath and actual delivery of the immovable sold […]

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